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Web Design and SEO Rates

How much will your website cost? That answer depends on your needs. All of our websites are responsive. A 4-page, basic but still custom website begin at $499. 5-10 page, well designed, informational sites begin at $2,499. Ecommerce sites, utilizing a state-of-the-art shopping cart, begin at $4,999.  Every website we design is unique. Your website cost is based on your needs and essential features. Will your site need a shopping cart? Will it need a database? What is your budget for maintenance? How "edgy", “tech savvy”, or “trendy” do you want your website to look? All of these questions, and many more, determine the cost of your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must for any business. Take your business, and visibility, to the next level – literally - by making your website appear higher in search results, bringing in more customers, and more revenue. The term should really be Search Engine Marketing as the whole idea of SEO is to design your site to appeal to your target market and make sure they find you.

Keep in mind that your website is the First Impression you make on your new customer. Your website works for you every hour of every day and never takes a day off. A professional website is one of the most economical purchases you will make in the life of your business, and the value increases over time.

We offer a variety of pricing structures to ensure that you get optimum results for minimum money. If you need small changes to your website or SEO, choose to pay us by the hour. If you need to optimize your website, or create a site from the ground up, our project prices are the answer. We offer monthly pricing for ongoing website maintenance and SEO as well as for small businesses on a budget. Monthly pricing allows us to do an agreed upon amount of work on your site each month AND lets you pay over time. Let us take a look at your project and make a recommendation based on your needs. Project pricing is unique and quotes are generated on a case by case basis.

Our hourly rates are:

Services Rates
Web Design and HTML Programming $69/hour
Custom Programming $119/hour
Content Development/Editing $49/hour
Website Maintainance $49/hour
SEO Consulting $69/hour

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